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19 Iconic Pathfinder Characters  

Who else would like every iconic pathfinder character added to their miniature collection? 

Look no further because this list features 19/22 of the iconic custom miniature characters from the  Pathfinder Roleplaying game

Everyone from Amari to Valeros is present so you can add nearly the entire roster of Iconic  pathfinder characters to your miniature collection. 

The iconic pathfinder characters make for amazing NPC’s, character models, and background  miniatures during big battles. Not only will you have every iconic character, but you’ll have nearly every class in the book - basic or advanced - so you can grab-and-go with a character miniature model. 

And these models are great for demonstrations or convention tabletop RPG games! 

The iconic characters are also super collectible, so they would make great gifts to new players getting into the hobby for wargame miniatures and Roleplaying! 

Now onto all 19 Pathfinder Miniature from the iconic character collection. 


Need a brave and valiant knight in often-dirty armor? Alain is your knight. Ever off to find greater danger and adventure and help both his kingdom and his friends. 


Oracles are divine vessels of gods that live their lives through prophecy; And Alahazra is one of the most notable. Her power grows as the universe begins to align, events falling into order before great calamities - and heroes - are born. 





Let your feelings drive you as the barbarian tribes drive their weapons toward their foes. The howling wind on your face and the wild animal in your spirit being released, Amiri is a warrior of pure unbridled fury. 


Balazar combines the might of arcane magic with the power of his eidolon to delve through ancient tombs and dispel the strength of foes. Their combined might and private life lead to many shocking and star-dazed adventuring companions.


Elixirs, concoctions, explosions, poisons… even liquid fire.

Alchemists are the healers, assassins, and magical couriers of the world. Damiel is an Alchemist of great renown and power, with countless vials of wondrous substances, from gelatinous goo to voracious potions of strength. 


Magic infuses the world. 

Wizardry can be used for everything from cleaning dishes to saving the world. You won’t be  disappointed with the secrets of absolute power. Ezren, the iconic wizard, is the miniature that  represents a class with potential world-shaping power. 

Or magic dish-cleaning abilities, as the need arises. 


Alluring and wicked, Feiya is a witch not to be easily trusted nor easily overlooked. A witch’s power is to hold sway over her surroundings, domineering, enhancing, enfeebling, and occasionally supporting her friends and enemies - if she deems their efforts are worthy enough to assist. 


Rugged and wild, Rangers like Harsk do not need the relaxation or soft coddling that civilization offers. Adventurers don’t need to live tough - but adventurers like Harsk are always vigilant to changing conditions or dangers on the horizon. 


Nothing can escape her wrath, nor any foe stop her advance. No enemy will live unless she deems it appropriate. 

Imrijka is a fierce and deadly scepter of death that reaps souls from the unworthy. 

Inquisitor’s are always on the hunt, and with this miniature, your character can carry  themselves with poise while seeking their next villainous target. 


Strength and vigor is given to Kyra, iconic Cleric of the sun goddess Sarenrae. She would give her life to defend the innocent, and seeks to bring life and peace to the realm. 

Seeking the brilliance of a cleric, the bastion of hope for all peoples, the iconic cleric mini will give your character the brilliance to fight back dark oppressive clouds that loom during the adventure. 


Got a few laughs for the fire? 

Lem is a curious creature with tales of derring-do and scars from battles past. There’s little he hasn’t done, less he hasn’t heard, and almost nothing he cannot find out if he wanted to. 

And being a voracious secret-seeker and people-person, Lem brings a couple of smiles and stories to the game that only Lem could. 


A small but courageous Gnome known as Lini has ventured out of empathy and passion for  adventure - first finding her calling by calming wild animals that would attack her home, and later, by going on adventures greater than any Gnome would ever dream of. 

Lini and her snow leopard Droogami fight alongside each other, a perfect combo for your own miniature collection for friend and animal companion. 


Want to live life to the fullest? 

Merisiel follows this creed enjoying everything that comes her way with a passionate, youthful zeal. 


Warriors and priests, Sajan comes from a powerful caste of soldiers from a far-off land, but now adventures seeking clues to his missing twin sister. 

Now under the sentence of death, he adventures with one sole purpose in mind - find his missing family.  


Brilliant and a beacon of hope, Paladin’s inspire the next generation of knights through action. They are strong, often devout, and carry on ancient traditions of honor and chivalry. 


Broken and crushed by his family, Seltyiel is the iconic magus with great arcane powers with the strength of incredible physical prowess. His poise with a weapon and quick creativity give magus every tool they desire - and some they don’t - to adventure his way. 


Dreams can be reality with someone that has a willpower to make them happen. 

Seoni is one of those, strong enough to take the gift of her magic and explore the mysteries hidden in the world. 


Slip through the dark, flèche past the guards, and separate your foes from their life force. You’ll  need a miniature painting primer for this one, which means you can enjoy painting this mini in your own style and color scheme. 

Reiko is the iconic assassin for the entire pathfinder collection.


Strength, vigor, and expertise in every bladed tool under the sun (and blunt), Valeros is the ultimate warrior with no equal in the brawling pit. 

Valeros comes as an unpainted miniature, so you can paint your fighter in a unique style! 


Pathfinder is one of the best tabletop rpg board games. You don’t have to settle for unpainted miniatures and buy spray primer for miniatures. With these iconic characters you can have painted miniatures for all your tabletop games. Tabletop board games are even an activity that you can do over Skype & video call with your friends. Board games top the charts for at-home activities, and these iconic characters are amazing as tabletop games for kids. 

If you need the best miniature paint set for your mini’s, check out our massive paint set here. 

Hope you enjoyed this (nearly) complete set of all the iconic Pathfinder characters, and we will see you on the battlefield. 

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