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Gamehole Publishing

5E: Adv: Incident at Lonely Watch

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An adventure for 4-6 characters levels 1-3.

Life in the northern tier is typically quiet. Most if the human civilization is either centered along The Great South road, a trade route that winds its way to the south and warmer climates, or located in the trade port of Marabiza. Along the road there are numerous free-cities, towns and villages ruled by prominent local families or councils. Waystations and outposts provide food and lodging for travelers along the trade routes. Farming, fishing and hunting provide for the prosperity of the region.

This quiet countryside is rocked one evening when a giant column of green flame erupts suddenly out of an old ruin near the small village of Fallmarch. The nearest barony, located in Robertshire, Sends out a call for adventurers to provide safe passage and assistance to a team of investigators looking into this troubling event. What they uncover will set them on a journey spanning the reaches of the Northern Tire...