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Frog God Games

5E: Sea Kings Malice Adv

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The murky depths sits a brooding menace, ancient, indescribably evil, and ravenously hungry. Perched on his massive throne, the Sea King dreams of his massive jaws bathing in runnels of fresh land-dweller blood. He dreams of the ecstasy of rending air-breather flesh. His hate-filled dreams suffuse him with visions of presiding over a glorious and bloody feast where his despised enemies, those both above and below the waves, drown in a tide of their own blood, torn apart by his fierce warriors. In this sprawling adventure the characters come face to face with this terrible menace.

Do you have the courage, fortitude, and lack of self-preservation to challenge the terror of the seas ‚ÄĒ the terrible and brooding menace of the Sea King? Surely only the foolhardy or the truly desperate would actually seek out this horror in the abyssal depths and confront him in his court, his very seat of power! For the sea is an unforgiving place, the natural realm of the Sea King, and the characters are merely intruders in his realm. And yet... perhaps they will turn out to be very deadly intruders indeed...