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Age of Thieves: Masters of Disguise

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Masters of Disguise is the first expansion to the best-selling clockpunk game Age of Thieves. It introduces a plethora of new components and rules, giving you lots of variants to enrich your gaming experience. Become Julien or Delilah, new, powerful thieves with unique actions and abilities. Enter the dreaded Undercity as you travel through the sewers. Prove your skill with new Burglary Cards that enable you to plan your turn even more strategically than before. Finally, enjoy a brand new Scenario which gives you a chance to steal more jewels than ever before… if you are willing to take more risk!

2 Thief Figures
2 Thief Sheets
20 Burglary Cards
14 Sewers Cards
8 Action Cards
4 Burglary Tokens
20 Scenario Markers