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Reaper Miniatures

Bones 4 MAP January 2020

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Reaper Bones Monthly Assortment Packages are back! Each month Reaper are offering a new package containing the BRAND NEW Bones 4 models!

And just like before, they are discounting these Monthly Assortment Packages for retailers!

44002 Rock Troll
44003 Ziba, Female Efreeti
44011 Maggotcrown Ogre Juggernaut
44012 Female Djinni
44101 Lord of the Jungle
44112 Zombie Shark
44113 Irontongue Priest
44114 Isobael the Bard and Rufus
44115 Bog Skeletons (5)
44116 Thrasher Snail
49027 Andromdedan Hunter
49028 Caine, Cyber-Troll
49029 IMEF Bulldog I
9975 MSP Bones Dungeon Colors