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DND Dice Set-Chessex D&D Dice-12mm Speckled Golden Cobalt Plastic Polyhedral Dice Set-Dungeons and Dragons Dice Includes 36 Dice – D6, (CHX25937)

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Set of 36D6 12mm sized dice. You can never have enough D6s when rolling for those high damage hits in Dungeons and Dragons or if you need more D6s for games like Shadowrun or Champions.
  • These dice are perfect for Table Top RPG's such as Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, and Warhammer. They will make an excellent edition to any RPG or Boardgame you sit down to play!
  • 36 D6 dice, perfect for those high damage rolls and more
  • Includes a plastic case to house your dice
  • Because you can never have too many dice