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Drawing Dead

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Call on the powers of undead wild-west characters to help you cheat your way to victory in Drawing Dead, a high-stakes, saloon poker shootout. There's no folding, no betting, yet the highest stakes imaginable - your soul! Only 1 player will be the winner and will win the grand prize. A dirt nap.

Can you lie cheat and steal your way to redemption?

From the creators of Ascension, SolForge, WoW TCG and Minis, and more, Drawing Dead is an original take on a classic. The character cards add strategic elements to the game that allow you to improve your odds and effect your opponents' fate. It adds cool characters with intriguing background stories and an immersive setting to poker to keep it fresh and make it more dynamic.

2-5 players
Ages 10+
20-40 minute play time

15 Role Cards
Poker Deck
40 Chip Tokens
Dealer Button Token
Rule Book