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Fixit Sculpt - 2 Part Epoxy Modeling Clay Compound - 3 lbs.

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FIXIT Sculpt is the newest modeling clay compound in the FIXIT�� line. It is great for many uses that require all of the qualities of regular FIXIT, plus it offers exceptional sculpting qualities. It has a firm feel more quickly after mixing; it resists sagging and drooping; it holds detail and impressions; has a flat matte finish; accepts paints and stains, and offers a very liberal 4 hour working time.
  • REPAIR WITH EASE - Fixit Sculpt is an easy to work with air dry modeling compound that cures in 24 hours to be a strong, durable material, perfect for repairs, prototypes, restorations, ceramic work and more!
  • NO BAKING - Unlike traditional modeling clay, Apoxie Sculpt cures hard in 24 hours with a semi-gloss finish, making it perfect for additions to costumes or crafts that are too large or delicate for the oven.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE POWER - Because it adheres to nearly any surface, it's great for sculpting, embellishing, bonding, and filling almost any project!
  • EASY TO WORK WITH - With a 4 hour working time, you have plenty of time to get your repair just right.
  • LASTING REPAIRS - Fixit Sculpt is highly adhesive, dries to be hard and durable, is waterproof, non-flammable, and non-conductive, so you can count on your repairs to last a long time!