Homesteaders 10th Anniversary

    The Homestead Act of 1862 allowed Americans to claim undeveloped land by living on and farming it for five years. Also in the 1860s, the Transcontinental Railroad was built across North america, linking rail networks between the East and West coasts. The development of railroads accelerated the spread of homesteaders colonizing the West and led to the rapid cultivation of new land.

    Homesteaders is a fast paced auction game in which players will manage their resources to build up a town in the old west. Buildings must be chosen wisely - the player who earns the most victory points will have the city named after them!

    2-4 players
    Ages 12+
    90 minute play time

    Auction Board
    65 Metal Victory Point Tokens
    63 Metal Silver Coins
    32 Travel Tokens
    4 Player Screens
    8 Player Markers
    30 Auction Tiles
    53 Building Tiles
    25 Worker Meeples
    Metal Start Player Marker
    4 Market Reference Tiles
    162 Punchboard Chits
    74 Wooden Resource Tokens
    Silver Foil Box Sleeve

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