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Impulse is an intergalactic research and conquest card game by the designer of Innovation and Glory to Rome, Carl Chudyk. It contains 110 cards to help you explore, expand,
exploit, and exterminate your way to victory. Using each card's unique ability, command
your ships to break into enemy territory, reinforce your own base, or mine valuable resources as you race to score twenty Space Prestige points before your competition does. Impulse is a quick to learn, fun to play game for up to six players, who can play individually, or in teams for even more strategizing.

The pre-release beta edition of 2013 was met with high acclaim from fans and critics alike, and the full edition to be released in July 2014 is one of the most anticipated Asmadi
Games releases of the year.

2-6 Players
30 - 60 min Game Time
High Complexity
High Interactivity