Leaders of Euphoria

    You have survived the Incident along with 3 of your trusted recruits, but the city of Euphoria needs a leader to return it to its former greatness. The Euphorians are brainwashing survivors to convert them into loyal workers that will maintain their extravagant city. Meanwhile, the Subterrans are emerging from their tunnels to claim the city for themselves.

    A new order emerges from the ashes of civilization. A leader must be crowned. Will you choose a better oppressor?

    Based on the acclaimed gameplay of Good Cop Bad Cop, Leaders of Euphoria introduces new rules that provide more depth and opportunities for strategy. Teammates are offered new ways to support each other. Players who are incorrectly targeted as leaders join the Wastelander team.

    24 Recruit Cards
    24 Artifact Cards
    8 Reference Cards
    4 Chipboard Ray Guns
    1 Interrogator Token
    1 Rulebook

    4-8 players
    Ages 12+
    20-45 minute play time

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