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Paasche Airbrush Company

A-1/8-10MT 10 Foot Air Hose Moisture Trap

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The A-1/8-10MT is a 10' braided hose with the MT moisture trap installed.  Great when extra moisture filtration is needed.  Will work for Paasche's Artist or Hobby Airbrushes (VL, VLS, H, HS, MIL, TS, TG, TGX, SI, AEC, ER, F, AB or V)
The compressor end of the hose will work with all Paasche compressors. We also sell adapters for the compressor or airbrush end of the hose.

  • HF-116 Adapts A-1/8 hose to a 1/8"BSP thread compressor
  • A-188 Converts Iwata or Master airbrush to use Paasche hose
  • A-202 Converts Paasche airbrush to use Iwata or Master hose
  • M-66 Converts Paasche airbrush to use a Badger hose
  • A-151 Converts Badger airbrush to use Paasche hose