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Brain Games USA, LLC

Pyramid of Pengqueen

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Four brave penguins have entered the long‑lost pyramid of Pengqueen and must now claim its fabulous treasures before the mummy drags them down into her tomb for all eternity.

Pyramid of Pengqueen is a strategic game of cat and mouse for children, families, and casual gamers, in which your goal is to collect the treasure before the player playing as the mummy can catch you.

Featuring a double‑sided magnetic board which hides the movement of the players!

The mummy player sits on one side of the board, while the adventurers sit on the other. The adventurers can see exactly where the mummy is, but the mummy will have to track the players movements based on the dice they roll.

2-5 players
Ages 8+
40 minute play time

Magnetic board
Magnetic mummy figure (in two parts)
4 magnetic treasure hunter pieces
12 life tokens with torch symbols
2 small game boards
5 treasure hunter dice
Mummy die
23 treasure cards
Game rules