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1932! The world is fascinated by growing rumors of hidden creatures that roam America. Popular tabloids are desperate for photographs of these mysterious beasts to prove the myths and sell tabloids. That’s where you come in: As a freelance photographer looking to make a name for yourself, you must follow tips that have you scouring the country hoping to snap the pictures the tabloids desire. When your deadline arrives, you will sell your portfolio to score big! Now grab your camera and field notes, stay one step ahead of your rivals, and race to a photo finish as the greatest ShutterBug™ of all time! Designed by Mike Elliott

2-6 players
Ages 8+
20-40 minute play time

Game Board
Photo draw bag
48 Creature Photo tiles
Round token
48 Tip cards
6 Character pawns
72 Secret Assignment cards
6 Player Reference cards
24 Side Job markers
First Player token