The Army Painter High-Pigment Zombicide Paints for Survivor Miniatures

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Can't-Wait to Get your Minis out the Box and Straight to the Game?

Here's a quick way to get your Zombicide Survivor miniatures GAME-READY without spending too much time painting!

The Zombicide Survivor Paint Set is the perfect platform to bring your survivors to life with colors that have been created for the Zombicide expansion board games! This 3rd set that comes from The Army Painter's Zombicide Warpaints has the must-have colors to kickstart your wargaming hobby!

Start Slaying Zombies in No Time with these 6 SPECIALLY FORMULATED Paints included in this set:

BABE BLONDE: Create blonde babes that kill zombies left to right with this bright yellow shade for hair color. Make this color even more vibrant by painting over a white or beige basecoat

COMBAT FATIGUES: An army green color for your Veteran Survivors, camouflage gears or army uniforms.

SURVIVOR SKIN: Quickly paint your Survivor's skin with this fleshy shade that also works well as a base color on any zombie skin before painting some blood, gore or other effects.

LIGHT DENIM: The perfect shade of pastel blue that gives an instant pop of color to almost anything, from survivor pants and shirts to shoes, zombie clothes and even hair. There are no rules, really, so feel free to get creative!

MACHINEGUN METAL: The perfect metallic shade for all kinds of weapons, be it Mas Shotgun or even a pair of Evil Twins.

SURVIVOR SHADER: Use this wash to shade your survivors' skin area and bring them to life. It's the perfect versatile shader to create stunning shading effects on your minis.

*TIP: The Warpaints have loads of pigment and if you need to thin it, just use plain water, applying a bit at a time.

  • VALUE SET OF ESSENTIAL WARPAINTS — Spend less on your miniature painting kit with 4 acrylic paints as well as 1 Quickshade wash and 1 metallic paint; these essential color tones have been specially formulated to match the Zombicide Season 3 board game setting
  • NO NEED FOR MULTIPLE COATS — Each paint in this miniatures paint set provides a solid coverage. They adhere easily on the miniatures, allowing you to speed-paint batches of zombies to a high-standard finish with ease
  • VIBRANT COLORS; PERFECT CONSISTENCY — Perfect workable consistency; neither too thick nor too thin, the 18 ml bottles in this Zombicide paint kit are easy to apply and manipulate like all the others from The Army Painter’s product line
  • DROPPER CAP TO PREVENT DRYING — Get the exact amount you need with the ergonomically designed dropper bottle, so you won’t be wasting any paint. The colors are highly pigmented; give the bottle a good shake before squeezing
  • WITH A FREE PAINTER’S HANDBOOK - This miniature paint set also comes with The Army Painter Guidebook to get you started, perfect for beginners and veteran painters who want to master The Army Painter's speed-painting techniques