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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Matt White Color Primer Spray Paint & Warpaint-400ml Acrylic Spray Undercoat for Miniature Painting, Acrylic Non-Toxic Heavily Pigmented Water Based Paint for Roleplaying Boardgames

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Colour Primer

1x Colour Primer Matt White

1x Colour Primer Ash Grey

1x Colour Primer Brainmatter Beige

1x Colour Primer Greedy Gold

1x Colour Primer Matt Black


1x Warpaint Matt White

1x Warpaint Ash Grey

1x Warpaint Brainmatter Beige

1x Warpaint Greedy Gold

1x Warpaint Matt Black
  • MATCHES COLOR 100% - Our color primer spray paint is made to match our line of Warpaints!
  • BORN FROM GAMING–Get awesome painted models on the table, and be all set for a great game!
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY - No need for 2 spray paints. All you need is 1 Colour Primer Spray Paint!
  • HIGH QUALITY HEAVY PIGMENTS - Warpaints are designed to be easy to use and allow you to get your models ready fast and efficiently for the wargaming table. For our Warpaints we use heavy pigments which guarantee optimal coverage, allowing you to paint with fewer layers for a quicker paint application. The pigmentation is very fine, so Warpaints can also be thinned and used with great results with an airbrush or glazing
  • PRECISE AND EASY-TO-SQUEEZE BOTTLES – Our acrylic Warpaints come in soft 18ml bottles with a precise dropper design, making it easy to administer paint in exact quantities, without risking them drying out from being exposed to air.
  • SERVES TWO PURPOSE AT ONCE - A traditional primer and a highly pigmented color spray paint in one!
  • NON-TOXIC AND ECO FRIENDLY – Our acrylic Warpaints are marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the objective of which is to reduce the overall environmental impact from production and consumption of goods. Furthermore our paints are non-toxic and safe to use for anyone just starting out miniature painting