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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Runewars: Daqan Lords Paint Set

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Runewars: Daqan Lords Paint Set

Guided by the flowing forces of powerful rune magic, this hobby paint set is a lot of fun on its own with 10 x 18ml Premium-Quality Warpaints, a FREE precision brush, and a 24-page Army Painting Guide.

Since Runewars: Daqan Lords Paint Set is all you need to bring your valiant defenders from monochrome to awesome, from box to the world of Terrinoth, you don't have to be some kind of miniature painting ninja, and even better, you don't have to be rich.

  • GOBSMACKING ARMIES - Whether your superb-looking Daqan Lords are sitting on the shelf or battling valiantly across Terrinoth, you know you've winged it and made them your own all painted with love, passion, and pride. After all, the only outcome that matters is your enjoyment
  • BATTLE UNDEAD HORDES, NOT YOUR PAINT - Because the 10 specially selected colors in this miniature paint set are highly pigmented, you don't have to put globs of cheap miniature paints that may hide sculpted details on your Spearmen, Rune Golems, and Daqan Lords
  • SPRAY, PAINT, DIP, DONE - Whether you're speed painting or sitting down for hours with fellow hobbyists as you paint, the 24-page Daqan Army Painting Guide in this miniatures paint set takes your skills to a whole new level as you bring your army to the tabletop wargames looking fantastic and alive
  • YOUR OWN UNIQUE BATTLEFORCE - The options are endless for newbie painters and seasoned hobbyists alike in theming the overall feel of your army with various battlefields basing (plain, winter, woodland, swamp to name a few)
  • THE ULTIMATE MINI PAINT SET FOR THE ULTIMATE GAMING EXPERIENCE - 10 Bottles of Dragon Red, Ultramarine Blue, Electric Blue, Matte White, Uniform Grey, Barbarian Flesh, Leather Brown, Greedy Gold, Plate Mail Metal, Dark Tone, PLUS Modeling Paint Brush and Painting Guide