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The Army Painter

The Army Painter - Runewars Waiqar the Undying Miniatures Paint Set

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Play with Fully Painted Miniatures from the Runewars board games! We know how giddy you are to get your hands on your painted figures. This is why The Army Painter created the Runewars paints in a way that will let you spend less time painting and more time playing. This miniatures paint kit offers you the perfect paints to bring out the unique details of each character in a workable timeframe.

Take Your Gaming Experience to the Next Level! Finally, a paint set of Warpaints that contains all the colors you need to paint your Reanimates, Carrion Lancers and all the rest of the Waiqar the Undying! These color tones have been designed carefully to let you paint unforgettable and vivid models 10 SPECIALLY FORMULATED Runewars Paints:

Whether you are new to the world of gaming or a veteran who is keen on details, get hold of these 10 essential colors designed specifically for the models from Waiqar the Undying board game.

How to Use the Warpaints:

1. SHAKE WELL. Due to the high amount of pigment in the Warpaints, you should always shake the bottle vigorously before using it.

2. DO NOT DROWN THE MINIATURE IN PAINT. It is always better to apply two thin coats than one thick one obscuring delicate details.

3. THIN WITH WATER. The Warpaints have loads of pigment and if you need to think about it, just use plain water, applying a bit at a time.

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  • PAINT RUNEWARS MINIATURES FAST AND GET MORE TIME FOR GAMING — Save hours of painting your Reanimates, Carrion Lancers and all the rest of the Waiqar the Undying with this must-have Runewars paint set of 10 carefully researched color tones
  • SPEND LESS ON YOUR PAINT YET PAINT MORE MINIATURES — Save bucks by spending less on too many paints; each Army Painter bottle goes a long way. This Warpaints paint set for Runewars board games has all the essential colors for Waiqar the Undying models, so feel free to get creative and come up with endless color schemes
  • COMES WITH A FREE BRUSH AND 24-PAGE PAINTING GUIDE — These Warpaints set for Runewars miniature painting also comes with a Hobby brush to get you started and a free Painting Guide. These paints can be used in conjunction with the Starter Paint Set by The Army Painter
  • VIBRANT COLORS; IDEAL CONSISTENCY — Perfect workable viscosity; neither too thick nor too thin, the 18ml bottles from the Waiqar the Undying paint set are easy to apply and manipulate so even beginners get the perfect coverage with each brush stroke
  • DROPPER CAP TO PREVENT DRYING — Get the exact amount you need with the ergonomically designed dropper bottle, so you won’t be wasting any paint. The colors are highly pigmented; give the bottle a good shake before squeezing