The Army Painter Warpaints Quickshade Wash Set

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Get All 11 Incredible Color Washes in 1 Set: Add Extra Shade, Touch Up Mistakes and Make Your Miniature Models!

More than Just Washing Your Models Quickly? Our collection of Quickshade Wash is a revolutionary pigmented wash specifically designed for models and detailed miniatures. It creates stunning and realistic shading effects on your Warhammer figures, Dungeons and Dragons DnD miniatures, and other military wargame and boardgame models.

It is also ideal in touching up mistakes. Use any of the colored washes on top of their specific shades for extra depth and shading or on white for an instant toned and shaded miniature.

Tones included in the Set: Strong, Soft, Dark Light, Mild Brown, Military Shader, and other colored washes that are loaded with heavy pigments of their specific colors in the popular Warpaints ink resin base from The Army Painter. These washes are:

FLESH WASH: has the perfect tone for shading lighter flesh tones. Be it Dwarf, Elf, Historical or Sci-Fi miniature, they will all come to life.

GREEN TONE WASH: Use on top of all greens, Necrotic Flesh or Barbarian flesh for that putrid look. Achieve that stunning Nurgle look by applying on a metal primer.

RED TONE WASH: When applied on a metal primer, you?ll get that great evil Khorne look.