The Mansky Caper

    The Mansky Caper is an explosive press-your-luck game, in which you'll be robbing rooms and dodging traps that go boom! Al Mansky, the most ruthless and illustrious Mob Boss ever, has never shown our Family the respect it deserves! Well... Big Al is away on vacation and it’s time to even the score! The gang is breaking into his mansion and absconding with all his loot! The Mansky Caper is an easy-to learn heist game for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up, which take less than an hour to play! Work together to help yourself... just don’t get blown up!

    2-6 players
    Ages 8+
    40-60 minute play time

    8 Character pawns
    8 Character cards
    12 stands
    6 Favor markers
    Danger-Danger! die
    6 Stash bags
    Loot bag
    10 Room cards
    Supply box
    32 GASP! tokens
    78 Loot tokens
    Getaway Car
    Danger-Danger! die
    30 GASP! cards 144 coins
    5 Safes
    32 Danger-Danger! tokens
    60 gems
    Comic book / rulebook