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Pegasus Spiele

Undo: Curse from the Past

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Berlin, Germany, January 1994: Stunned, an old lady falls over the handrails and into the depths. Her eyes show no signs of panic, but grief about what has happened. She hurtles towards the ground from the sixth floor of a hotel, looking fondly at a tuft of blonde hair in her hand. The cold air turns her final breath into a small plume. The last things she perceives are a terrible scream from above and the city lights mingling with the stars in the nightly sky‚Ķ Undo ‚Äď Curse from the Past is not about reconstructing the progression of events or identifying a murderer. Instead, the players act as incorporeal Weavers of Fate who travel into the woman‚Äôs past to undo her death. They decide together in which order they want to visit the different moments of the victim‚Äôs life. Every leap in time entails important decisions, which influence whether the woman lives or dies. Will the players be able to change her fate and save her?
Curse from the Past is one of initial cases of the innovative new game series Undo. As players travel far into the past and try to give the victim a new future, they gradually explore an extraordinary story about a curse that spans millennia and destroys the happiness of a family.
2-6 players
Ages 10+
45-120 minute play time
Stop cards
5 Rule cards
18 Story cards
13 Clue cards
33 Decision cards
9 time jump markers