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Wargames Delivered

Wargames Delivered - Frostgrave Cultists 28mm Miniatures Wargaming, Contains 20 Different Figures, Heads, arms, and Weapons, Digital Bundle - Miniature Soldier Plastic Model Kit by Warlord Games

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  • THE UNTOLD STORY OF FROSTGRAVE SOLDIERS: The fearless death cultists want to achieve immortality. They hide their faces with masks & hoods, adorning themselves with bones, and other symbols of death
  • FORM YOUR STRATEGY INTO ACTION: You have limited frostgrave miniatures to execute your plan and to execute you have 20 distinct figures like heads, arms, & weapons to create your own plastic army men
  • EVERYTHING YOU FEEL IS REAL: It's made to be played with multi-players. Building and painting the plastic model kits into tabletop miniatures is just as much fun as playing the game
  • HERE PASSION AND CREATIVITY MEET: If you are fantasizing about the war, you can make your own creative scenarios with your passion. Entitled your favorite miniature and give them special powers
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We hope you will love our product as there are more surprises waiting inside the product packaging
  • ADDITIONAL VALUE: You will get a digital value bundle inside the product packaging