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Warhammer 40K: Black Templars Upgrades and Transfers

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The Black Templars surge into battle like the Emperor's wrath made manifest. Streaking down from the void or thundering to war in mechanised spearheads, they strike with a fury that leaves Mankind's enemies reeling. Guns blazing, blades swinging, their armoured bodies arrayed in the raiment and relics of the Imperial Faith, they butcher all who stand in their path. Designed to let you add greater variety to your Crusader Squads with a range of heads, weapons, and wargear, this set also comes with a multi-melta for a vehicle of your choice, six powerful Relics with which to equip your Relic Bearers, and a range of sculpted shoulder pads.
  • A range of weapons, helmets, and accessories for your Black Templars
  • Customise your Crusader Squads and other Space Marines with a wealth of options
  • Features powerful Relics with which to equip your Relic Bearers
  • Miniatures provided unpainted & unassembled