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Epoxy Putty Sculpting, Part A & B Self Hardening Apoxie Sculpt Modeling Clay

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There are hundreds of ways you can use Apoxie sculpt. It's both a putty and an adhesive that's uncommonly durable and strong and combines all the qualities of modeling clay with the adhesive power of epoxy. Compatible with all types of texture and sculpting art tools, this 2 part epoxy putty is superb for embellishing, bonding, and filling virtually everything under the sun. Modelers, artists, crafters, and students will fall in love with it.
  • UNLEASH YOUR IMAGINATION – DIYers consider Apoxie sculpt the holy grail of modeling clay because of its amazing properties. There’re endless ways to indulge your creative side with this extraordinary molding clay
  • CLAY FOR SCULPTING WITH THE ADHESIVE POWER OF EPOXY PUTTY – Apoxie sculpt dries with exposure to air and so doesn’t require curing in a kiln or oven. The ability of this soft clay to adhere to any surface makes it easy to use with all traditional modeling techniques. It is also great for cosplay, giving you the ability to dress up as your favorite character.
  • THE DUCT TAPE OF SCULPTING COMPOUNDS – Use Apoxie air drying clay to make all kinds of repairs. Fix the steering wheel on that ’67 Chevy or repair knobs on antique radios. Have a lamp with a slight crack in it? Use this adhesive putty and it’ll be as good as new
  • PACKAGED BY HAND - You might notice a fingerprint or two when you open a new container of Apoxie Sculpt—don't worry, it hasn't been used! Each container is carefully packaged by hand.
  • NO SHRINKING OR CRACKING – This no cracking air dry modeling clay is soft while you are working. Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, it will be sturdy and durable enough to last for a lifetime. Unlike some other modeling compounds, it won’t crack and fall apart Key Product Features