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Cruel Seas: Navigating Your First Voyage into Miniature Wargaming

Whether you're a seasoned war veteran or a budding sailor, the world of miniature wargaming has something to offer everyone. And if the thrill of naval warfare is what you're after, then "Cruel Seas", by Warlord Games, might be the perfect choice for you. Let's dive deep into this immersive, action-packed World War II naval game, break down its basics, and sail into the five key features that set it apart.

 What is Cruel Seas?

Cruel Seas is a 1/300 scale naval wargame that brings the explosive, frenetic naval battles of World War II to your tabletop. Unlike many wargames that focus on larger battleships or land-based warfare, Cruel Seas zeroes in on the fast, agile, and deadly smaller vessels - from motor torpedo boats to S-boats and trawlers. This not only offers a unique perspective but also creates a completely different style of play, making it a must-try for any wargaming enthusiast.

 Updates and Expansions

Since its release, Cruel Seas has seen a number of updates and expansions that add new vessels, scenarios, and factions. Warlord Games frequently updates the rules based on player feedback, improving game balance and mechanics. Expansions not only add new ships and factions but also introduce new rules and scenarios, which keep the game fresh and engaging.


Cruel Seas brings a wide selection of weapons to your tabletop, ranging from rapid-firing machine guns to long-range cannons and game-changing torpedoes. You also get to strategize the perfect moment to unleash these weapons on your opponent. What's more, mastering these weapons allows for deep tactical play, where every calculated shot can lead to victory in the vast ocean battles.

Painting Guide and Battle Cards

Cruel Seas provides a painting guide and battle cards with the game. The painting guide teaches you how to color your ships to look like the ones from World War II. It's made easy for anyone to use.

You also get a battle card for each ship you have. These cards tell you how fast the ship can move, what kind of weapons it has, and how strong it is. These cards help you understand your ships better and make strategic choices during the game.

Playing Alongside Other WWII Games

Cruel Seas Warlord Games offers a unique opportunity to connect naval battles with the larger scope of World War II campaigns This feature allows for a richer, more integrated approach to campaign planning, where strategic victories at sea grant tangible benefits on land. For example, layers can connect a crucial maritime route in Cruel Seas to facilitate their supply lines in a connected land-based campaign.

Key Features to Consider when buying All Cruel Seas

  • Scale and Detail: The 1/300 scale gives the models incredible detail while keeping them manageable in size. This level of detail makes the hobby aspect of the game particularly rewarding.
  • Unique Focus: The focus on smaller, more agile vessels provides a distinct type of gameplay, with more emphasis on tactics and maneuvering.
  • Faction Diversity: With multiple factions to choose from, each with unique vessels and abilities, Cruel Seas offers a wide array of tactical options.
  • Rule Depth: While accessible to beginners, the rules offer enough depth to satisfy veteran gamers, striking a balance between simplicity and strategic complexity.
  • Community and Support: Warlord Games actively supports the game with updates, expansions, and a strong online community. New players can find plenty of advice, strategies, and painting guides online.

What's the Average Duration of a Cruel Seas Game?

A game of Cruel Seas can vary in length, typically ranging from one to two hours. The duration depends on the scenario, the size of the fleets involved, and the players' familiarity with the rules. Smaller skirmishes can wrap up more quickly, while larger battles with complex objectives might take longer to resolve.

Can You Play Cruel Seas Solo?

Cruel Seas primarily caters to two or more players, but you can tailor scenarios for solo play. For instance, creating dynamic objectives and using dice rolls or apps to simulate enemy actions lets you experience the game's depth on your own. Many players share their solo play setups and rules on Cruel Seas forums, such as our Wargames Delivered community sites, so there’s plenty of inspiration available.

Frequently Asked Questions about All Cruel Seas

Getting Started with Cruel Seas

Starting a new miniature wargame can seem daunting, but Cruel Seas makes the process accessible. A typical starter set will include everything you need to begin your maritime adventures. This usually consists of a range of ship models, a rule book, dice, ship data-cards, aircraft, and scenario booklets. Your first task will be to assemble and paint your vessels. This hobby aspect is a big part of the appeal of wargaming, allowing you to customize your fleet to your liking.

Game Mechanics

Cruel Seas operates on a turn-based system, with each player commanding a flotilla of vessels. The rules of the game are designed to create an authentic naval combat experience. Maneuvering is a key aspect, and factors like speed, turning radius, and visibility all play a part. Combat involves everything from torpedoes to artillery, with mechanics that reflect the frantic nature of these sea skirmishes. Dice rolls resolve most actions, adding an element of chance that keeps the gameplay unpredictable and exciting. Players must think strategically, utilizing their vessels' strengths while exploiting their opponents' weaknesses to achieve victory.

Additional Game Pieces

Sail into the battle with see-through plume markers, special dice for commands, and markers that show damage ‚ÄĒ they all make the sea fights feel real. You'll also get loads of cardboard tokens. These help you keep track of different game states, like weather conditions, who's got what gear, and where things like islands and ships are on the map. Plus, there's a 60 cm ruler that breaks into pieces (perfect for measuring distances the way the game intends).

Miniatures and Assembly

The Cruel Seas Warlord Games box comes packed with high-quality plastic pieces for the Royal Navy and Kriegsmarine fleets, plus some extras for torpedoes. The detail on these pieces is outstanding, but you might need to spend a bit of time cleaning them up before they're ready to go. The guide for putting them together could be better, though. If you're new to this, figuring out where everything goes might be a bit of a puzzle. It's a hint that the game could do with some better setup instructions or a clearer way to show how it all fits together.

Weather and Terrain

In Cruel Seas Warlord Games, elements like islands and the weather make every game exciting and different. For players, this means no two battles are the same. You might find your ships slowed down by rough seas or hidden from enemies by fog, making you think creatively to win. This keeps the game fresh and challenging, offering new experiences each time you play.

Factions in Cruel Seas

Cruel Seas offers a diverse range of factions, each with its own fleet of ships, reflecting the forces active in World War II. These include the British Royal Navy, German Kriegsmarine, US Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, Royal Italian Navy, and Soviet Navy. Each faction has unique strengths and weaknesses, and their vessels have distinctive abilities and stats. This diversity ensures a wide array of tactical options and promotes replayability.

Why Buy Cruel Seas Warlord Games from Wargames Delivered?

We offer everything you’ll need to take your Cruel Seas game to the next level, and it will come with our above-and-beyond customer care. We don’t sell you wargaming sets and supplies and sign off. We’re at your disposal via a phone call, text, or email, and we are eager to resolve any customer service concerns to your satisfaction.

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    Now that we've charted the waters of Cruel Seas, it's time for you to embark on your own journey. With its unique focus, rich tactical gameplay, and immersive hobby elements, it offers a novel and engaging take on the miniature wargaming experience.

    So, are you ready to command your flotilla, outmaneuver your opponents, and seize victory in the tumultuous waters of World War II? Then set sail for Wargames Delivered to get started with Cruel Seas today. The sea may be cruel, but the rewards of wargaming are bountiful.

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