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Enter the Breach: Your Beginner's Guide to Malifaux 3rd Edition

Greetings, would-be inhabitants of the Other Side! Welcome to Malifaux 3rd Edition, a world where every character is the star of their own story, and every battle is a unique experience. Prepare to delve into the arcane city with us, where your choices directly influence the course of your game.

What is Malifaux 3rd Edition?

Malifaux 3rd Edition is a skirmish-level miniature wargame set in a dark, alternate Earth, where magic meets steampunk, brought to you by Wyrd Miniatures. The game is renowned for its thematic character-driven focus, narrative scenarios, and its unique card mechanic, which replaces traditional dice rolls.

    How Do I Build a Crew in Malifaux 3rd Edition?

    Building a crew in Malifaux is a tactical process. First, you choose a Master, each of whom has their own specialized set of minions and henchmen. You then construct your crew based on a given number of soulstones (points), considering the synergy between your chosen Master, their abilities, and the other characters.

    Key Features to Consider when buying Malifaux: Third Edition

    Here are five key features to keep in mind:
    • Unique Mechanics: The use of cards over dice introduces a new strategic dimension to the game.
    • Narrative Focus: Games are highly thematic and story-driven.
    • Crew Customization: Extensive character options offer unique crew builds.
    • Intricate Artwork: The miniatures are beautiful and highly detailed.
    • Tactical Depth: Varied scenarios and objectives require careful planning and strategy.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Malifaux: Third Edition

    How Do I Get Started with Malifaux 3rd Edition?

    Starting Malifaux is quite simple. First, you'll need a copy of the Malifaux Third Edition Rulebook, which outlines all the rules and mechanics of the game. From there, you'll need to select a Faction that appeals to you and purchase a box set. Each box set includes a Master, their Totem, and a selection of other miniatures that serve as the Master's crew. Alongside this, you'll need a deck of cards (poker deck will suffice), a tape measure, and some terrain to create your battlefield.

    How Do the Game Mechanics Work in Malifaux 3rd Edition?

    Unlike most wargames, Malifaux uses cards, not dice. This adds an element of strategy as players can manipulate their deck to influence results. Characters take turns performing two actions such as moving, attacking, or using their unique abilities, making for a game that is dynamic and tactical.

    Victory is not achieved solely through the destruction of the opponent's crew but by achieving objectives and completing schemes that you secretly select at the start of each game, providing depth and a strong narrative element to each game.

    What Factions are Available in Malifaux 3rd Edition?

    Malifaux offers seven unique Factions, each with its own playstyle and aesthetic. These include:

    The Guild: Lawkeepers and enforcers maintaining the status quo.
    The Resurrectionists: Necromancers and practitioners of dark magic.
    The Arcanists: Magical rebels, constructs, and elemental beings.
    The Neverborn: Nightmarish creatures and spirits native to Malifaux.
    The Outcasts: Mercenaries, criminals, and oddities.
    The Ten Thunders: A criminal syndicate with elements of magic and martial arts.
    The Bayou: Mischievous gremlins and swamp-dwelling denizens.

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