Official Wargames Delivered Deal Group Program

WHO: For Hobby Enthusiasts

Commissioned Painters, Terrain builders, and serious Wargaming hobby enthusiasts.¬†ūüĆ≥ūüĆ≤ūüĖĆÔłŹūüé®

WHAT: Deep Discounts to a Limited Group  

We are giving a small group of people deeply discounted wargaming products. 

Here's a quick example:

**This Wargames Delivered Exclusive Paint set by the Army Painter has 55 paints, 4, brushes, 5 empty mixing bottles, and 100 steel mixing balls.


MSRP: $174.99.

But in our deal group, $104.99!

Thats an insane $70 dollar savings

OFFERS: Coming Soon to the Deal Group

Here are some of the other products we will be offering the following at a massive 40% off:

Wargaming Supplies:
Miniature hobby tools
Terrain building supplies
Tufts and basing

Fantasy Figures
Historical tanks
Historical soldiers

Wargaming accessories:

WHY are we doing this?

The point of this group is to gain exposure for our products while supporting the Miniature Wargaming hobby.

What we do for you: We want to support the hobby by creating a program where we can give hobbyists the opportunities to save money.

Essentially, we want to give you access to deeply discounted products that you might have planned on buying eventually anyway.¬†ūüôā

What you do for us: We need people talking about us on Social media.

After you receive your product and painted or built your miniature creation. Share it in the ‚ÄúWargaming Community‚ÄĚ Facebook Group and say ‚ÄúWargamesDeliveredCreator‚ÄĚ and we will repost it on social media.

HOW it works:

We will send out ‚Äúdeals‚ÄĚ to anyone on the Wargames Delivered Deal group at 40%+ off our Miniature Wargaming Products by rebate.

We automatically refund you after 2 days after you order online.

Unlike the old school rebates, our rebate is automatic. No mailing is required.

Honor System- We are going to pay you your rebate before we get proof that you posted on our social media.

We Apply the refund within 2 days of your order, and expect you to post in our FB group a video or image mentioning ‚Äú Wargames Delivered Deal Group‚ÄĚ

Since the point of us subsidizing the costs is to get more sharing on social media, If we don't see you posting in the group, you will be removed from the Deal group.

We can't offer the entire public these 40% off deals or else we would run out fast and go out of business.

Before signing up, please read our terms and conditions. By signing up, you are agreeing that you have read and agreed to these terms. 


We will soon be charging for access to these deals but the initial members that get in early will be grandfathered in for at least 1 year.

If you want to join the Wargames Delivered deal group, all you have to do CLICK ABOVE or scan the QR code below.  It will open up a chat in messenger.


What Others Are Saying So Far




Absolutely fantastic service AND save money? Your answer is ‚ÄúYes please!‚ÄĚ

lamarr eddings

Excellent customer service and fun promotions.


Excellent service and amazing deals

Adrian Ortiz

Great deal and great group offer! Looking forward to it!

Joe Hannah

Had I not already bought a couple of sets of paint and brushes, I’d jump on this.

Chris Bovia

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