Terms & Conditions - Wargames Delivered Deal Group Program

1. ACCESS TO OFFERS: We cannot guarantee you will get access to every offer. Offers are first come first served. If we run out of promotional units for the day, we will pause the offer until units become available again. This may be the next day, or not at all. It will depend on the goals of Wargames Delivered and our management team.

2. DISCOUNTS & PROMOTIONS: Offers may vary by customer. The size and quantity of discounts may vary based on the discretion of the Wargames Delivered. Some offers will only be offered to a small group as fits the needs of the brand. 

3. RESELLING OUR DEALS: You cannot resell your discounted purchases on any online marketplace or website. These offers are strictly for end consumers and not intended for resellers. Any violators of this policy will be strictly removed from our program and blacklisted from future promotions.

4. CANCELLATIONS, RETURNS, REFUNDS: If you cancel your order, return the product, or request a refund after your purchase, you will not be considered for future promotions. Cancelling your order or asking for a full refund when you have already been paid a rebate will be considered fraud and you will be immediately removed from the program.

5. TEXT MESSAGE ALERTS: Offers are made via text messages and may come at varying times. We only offer these promotions via text message. If you are receiving offers from our deal group, it means you have opted-in to text messages. If you do not want to receive text alerts, you can reply STOP at any time. 

6.  BUYING FROM AUTHORIZED SELLERS: You will not be refunded if you purchased from an unauthorized selling party. Wargames Delivered is not responsible for any purchases made by you on behalf of this program. Currently, the only authorized seller on Amazon.com is "316 Distribution". Purchases made from other sellers will NOT be refunded. 

7. TAX & SHIPPING: Unless explicitly stated, tax and shipping are not covered in your rebate. You are fully responsible for taxes and shipping charges paid on the purchase of your product. Wargames Delivered will only rebate the promised percent of the retail price of the product. Even on 100% off offers, you will be responsible for taxes and shipping. 

8. REBATE RULES: All discounts are provided by rebate to customers who do not cancel their order or request a return or refund. To prevent fraud and abuse of the program, we do not provide rebates until the item has shipped. 

9. DEAL LIMIT PER CUSTOMER: Each customer is limited to one (1) redemption per deal. Customers may not use alternate accounts to redeem the deal multiple times. Customers may not order more than 1 unit for each deal.  Each deal can only be redeemed once per customer. Anyone found to violate this policy will be immediately removed from the program for life. 

Wargames Delivered Deal Group

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