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  • Bolt Action

    • How "big" are common games?

      • Most games, even at tournaments are 1000 points, but the game is really best played in the 750-1500 points range.
    • Do the 30 man plastic boxes normally contain parts to make officers and special weapons?

      • Generally speaking the plastic infantry kits have around 30 models in usually with a selection of weapon options, heads and detail pieces, most also include the parts to build a hq, medic and sniper, some include anti tank rifles, mortars or flamethrowers.
    • Can you create a force from two nations?

      • There are no official rules for allying forces in bolt action however for friendly games the best way to house rule it is treating it as a 2 platoon list with both armies needing to meet their minimums for hq and troops.
    • Do any sets come pre-painted?

      • No, the entire rage of Bolt Action products is unpainted so you can fully customize and paint your army yourself.
    • Are the ‚Äėstarter armies‚Äô boxes the best way to get into the game?

      • Yes, a starter army is the best way to quickly build a full army, ready for the game table.
    • How do you play Bolt Action?

      • The core of Bolt Action lies in its innovative order dice system, emphasizing the chaos and unpredictability of warfare. Players take turns drawing order dice from a bag to determine which unit acts next. The color of the die determines the controlling player, and the chosen order dictates what that unit can do - move, fire, advance, rally, ambush, or go down.
    • What sets and expansions are available for the game?

      • Bolt Action provides a wide array of sets and expansions, offering different armies to command: Starter Sets: A good starting point is the "Band of Brothers" starter set. It includes American and German forces, providing everything two players need to start battling. Army Boxes: You can choose from various army boxes that represent the different factions in World War II, like the British Commonwealth, Imperial Japanese, and Soviet Red Army.

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  • Black Powder

    • How do I get Started with Black Powder?

      • To get started with Black Powder, the first thing you will need is the rulebook, which provides you with all the necessary information about setting up your games, creating your armies, and of course, the rules for gameplay.
    • How do the Game Mechanics work in Black Powder?

      • The mechanics of Black Powder are designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing you to focus on grand strategies rather than intricate rules. Units are given orders (like advancing, firing, or charging) through the roll of dice, and these orders may or may not be carried out based on the result. This reflects the chaos of battle and the difficulty of communication in an era before radios.
    • What Armies are Available to Play in Black Powder?

      • In Black Powder, you can command armies from various nations and periods. From the disciplined lines of the British Redcoats to the fierce charges of the French Cuirassiers, from the American Civil War to the Napoleonic Wars, the possibilities are vast. Each army has unique units, providing varied strategies and playstyles.

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  • Black Seas

    • What factions can I play in Black Seas?

      • Black Seas offers three main factions, or "navies," to choose from: the British Royal Navy, the French Navy, and the Spanish Armada. Each navy has distinct characteristics, giving a unique flavor to your gaming experience.
    • What Expansions are available for Black Seas?

      • Black Seas is a game designed for expansion. While the Starter Set provides an excellent base, there are numerous expansions that allow you to further develop your fleet and diversify your gaming experience. Expansions often include new ship types, additional rules, and sometimes new scenarios or campaigns.
    • How do game mechanics work in Black Seas?

      • The core of the game revolves around maneuvering and shooting. Players take turns moving their ships and firing their cannons, trying to sink their opponent's vessels while keeping theirs afloat. Wind direction plays a crucial role in the game, as it affects the movement of the ships.

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  • Victory at Sea

    • Which era does Victory at Sea cover?

      • The game covers the naval conflicts of World War II, with every theater of war represented. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, 'Victory at Sea' encompasses all the major factions that had a notable naval presence during this period. This includes the American and Royal Navies, the Japanese Imperial Navy, the Italian Regia Marina, and the German Kriegsmarine, providing a wide array of historically accurate scenarios for players to engage in.
    • 'Victory at Sea' Rules and Gameplay?

      • 'Victory at Sea' employs an easy-to-learn yet deeply strategic rule system. The game revolves around the interaction of ship stats, special abilities, and the luck of the dice roll. Each player commands a fleet of warships, aircraft carriers, and submarines, among others, using their unique abilities to outmaneuver and outgun the enemy. Battles are resolved with dice rolls, taking into account the ship's firepower, range, and other factors. The game's rulebook is well-structured, providing comprehensive explanations for every game mechanic.
    • Which starter set should I get?

      • If you're wondering how many miniatures you need to start playing, the 'Victory at Sea' starter set is the perfect place to begin. The starter set, known as 'Victory at Sea: Battle for the Pacific', comes with 15 highly detailed ship models ‚ÄĒ American and Japanese ‚ÄĒ along with everything else you need to play, including a rulebook, dice, ship data-cards, aircraft, and damage sliders. As your knowledge and passion for the game grow, you can expand your fleet by purchasing individual ship miniatures or additional fleet boxes.

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  • Konflikt ‚Äė47

    • How do I get started with Bolt Action: Konflikt '47?

      • To start your Konflikt '47 journey, you'll need a Starter Set. Each set is tailored to a specific faction and includes an array of miniatures, a rulebook, dice, and more. These sets provide a great entry point, allowing you to expand and customize your force later with additional models and units.
    • How do the game mechanics work in Bolt Action: Konflikt '47?

      • Konflikt '47 shares many mechanics with Bolt Action, creating a smooth transition for players familiar with that system. The game uses a unique turn system where you draw dice from a bag to determine which player activates a unit, creating dynamic and unpredictable games. Additionally, new mechanics are introduced to accommodate the game's advanced technology and supernatural elements.
    • Are there updates or expansions to Bolt Action: Konflikt '47?

      • Yes, there are expansions and updates for Konflikt '47, which introduce new factions, units, and narrative campaigns, continually expanding the game's possibilities. These expansions offer a refreshing mix of new miniatures, scenarios, and rules to keep the game engaging and exciting.

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  • Cruel Seas

    • How to Get Started with Cruel Seas?

      • Starting a new miniature wargame can seem daunting, but Cruel Seas makes the process accessible. A typical starter set will include everything you need to begin your maritime adventures. This usually consists of a range of ship models, a rule book, dice, ship data-cards, aircraft, and scenario booklets. Your first task will be to assemble and paint your vessels. This hobby aspect is a big part of the appeal of wargaming, allowing you to customize your fleet to your liking.
    • What are the Game Mechanics like?

      • Cruel Seas operates on a turn-based system, with each player commanding a flotilla of vessels. The rules of the game are designed to create an authentic naval combat experience. Maneuvering is a key aspect, and factors like speed, turning radius, and visibility all play a part.
    • What Factions are in Cruel Seas?

      • Cruel Seas offers a diverse range of factions, each with its own fleet of ships, reflecting the forces active in World War II. These include the British Royal Navy, German Kriegsmarine, US Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, Royal Italian Navy, and Soviet Navy. Each faction has unique strengths and weaknesses, and their vessels have distinctive abilities and stats. This diversity ensures a wide array of tactical options and promotes replayability.

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  • Hail Ceasar

    • What is Hail Caesar?

      • Hail Caesar is a historical wargame developed by Warlord Games. It focuses on battles and conflicts from ancient and medieval periods, allowing players to recreate large-scale engagements with miniatures representing armies from different factions.
    • How long does a typical game of Hail Caesar last?

      • The duration of a typical game of Hail Caesar can vary depending on the size of the armies involved and the complexity of the battle. On average, games can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. However, larger or more intricate battles may take longer to complete.
    • What are the key differences between Hail Caesar and other historical wargames?

      • One key difference between Hail Caesar and other historical wargames is its emphasis on simulating battles at a grand scale. It allows players to recreate massive engagements with multiple units, offering a sense of strategic depth and the ability to maneuver armies tactically. Hail Caesar also incorporates army morale and command structures, adding an additional layer of realism to the gameplay. Furthermore, it covers a broad range of historical periods, from ancient civilizations to medieval knights, providing a wide array of factions and armies to choose from.

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  • SPQR

    • What miniatures or armies are available for SPQR?

      • The armies in SPQR are as varied as the civilizations of the time. Each army has unique miniatures representing its historic soldiers, leaders, and even creatures of myth. From the Roman legions, Greek Hoplites, Gallic Warriors to Germanic Tribesmen, the game offers a broad range of high-quality, detailed miniatures that give each army a distinctive aesthetic and playstyle.
    • Are there campaigns or scenarios for SPQR?

      • Absolutely! SPQR offers a series of engaging campaigns and scenarios that allow you to reenact famous historical battles, or create your own epic clashes. These scenarios are designed to reflect the tactical considerations and challenges that real ancient commanders faced, adding another layer of immersion and strategy to the game. The ruleset also encourages narrative-driven games, where players‚Äô warbands evolve and grow over the course of multiple battles, providing a fulfilling campaign experience.
    • How customizable are the forces in SPQR?

      • One of the great strengths of SPQR is its focus on customizable forces. You're not only choosing an army but building a warband. This includes selecting your heroes, equipping your troops, and even recruiting legendary creatures. This level of customization allows you to strategize and build a force that aligns with your preferred playstyle and tactical plan.

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  • Blood Red Skies

    • How Do I Get Started with Blood Red Skies?

      • Starting your aviation journey with Blood Red Skies is simple. You will need the core box set, which includes 12 plane models, a rulebook, dice, tokens, aircraft cards, and more - all the components needed to play. Additionally, you will want to pick up a few extra plane packs to diversify and strengthen your squadron.
    • What are the rules of Blood Red Skies?

      • The rules of Blood Red Skies focus on the "Advantage" system, which captures the feel of the daring manoeuvres and critical split-second decisions of aerial combat. Models in an advantaged position can perform a wider range of actions and are harder to shoot down, while disadvantaged aircraft risk being outmanoeuvred and shot down.
    • How Do I Assemble a Squadron in Blood Red Skies?

      • Assembling a squadron in Blood Red Skies is a blend of strategy and personal preference. Each player typically controls a squadron of 7-10 aircraft, including a mixture of fighters and bombers, each with its own flight and combat characteristics. You'll also select Ace Pilots, each of which brings unique abilities to your squadron.

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  • The Army Painter

    • How Do I Use Army Painter Paints?

      • Army Painter paints come in dropper bottles, which make it easy to control the amount of paint you use, avoiding waste. Simply squeeze a small amount onto your palette, then apply the paint to your brush and onto the miniature. The paints are highly pigmented and offer excellent coverage.
    • Do I Need to Thin Army Painter Paints Before Use?

      • The Army Painter's paints are designed to be used straight from the bottle for most applications. However, you might want to thin them with water or a medium for certain techniques, like layering or glazing. It's a matter of personal preference and the specific technique you're using. Experiment to find the consistency that works best for you.
    • What are the Key Products in the Army Painter Range?

      • The Army Painter offers a broad range of products that cater to different aspects of miniature painting:
      • WarPaints: This line includes a range of acrylic paints, washes, and effects to cater to all your painting needs.
      • Brushes: Their selection of brushes, from detail to dry brushes, ensures you have the right tool for every task.
      • Spray Primers: Army Painter's primers are designed to provide a smooth, even coat to prepare your miniatures for painting.
      • Painting Sets: These sets offer a carefully curated selection of paints and sometimes brushes and tools, providing excellent value for beginners.
      • Hobby Tools: From clippers to hobby knives, the Army Painter provides a wide range of tools to prepare and customize your miniatures.
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