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Entering the Fray of Alternative History: A Beginner’s Guide to Bolt Action: Konflikt '47

Hello wargamers! Today, we’re stepping into a world of alternate history with Bolt Action: Konflikt '47, where World War II has taken a distinct turn, and the conflict continues into 1947. If you're new to this hobby or looking to expand your gaming horizons, let's break it down together.

What is Bolt Action: Konflikt '47?

Bolt Action: Konflikt '47 is a standalone wargame developed by Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin Miniatures. It takes the familiar setting of World War II and gives it a twist of science fiction, with the addition of new technology and supernatural elements. This game is compatible with Warlord's Bolt Action game, allowing for crossover play.

Key Features to Consider when buying All Konflikt '47

Key features of Bolt Action: Konflict '47 include:
  • Alternate History Setting: Experience World War II with a twist, where new technologies and supernatural elements change the course of the war.
  • Intricate Miniatures: Engage with a vast array of detailed miniatures, including historical units and unique sci-fi models.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: The order dice system creates a dynamic and unpredictable game flow, keeping players engaged till the end.
  • Faction Variety: Choose from several factions, each with unique units and playing styles.
  • Compatibility: Cross-play with Bolt Action, allowing you to use models from both games for broader gaming possibilities.
  • Konflikt '47 Miniatures

    Konflikt '47 brings a collection of miniatures that pull you into an alternate World War II scenario. Each piece is finely made, letting players immerse themselves in a game where history and imagination meet head-on.

    What You'll Find

    • Infantry Units: The game's soldiers are kitted out with gear that points to the advanced tech of this different 1947. Their clothes and weapons mix what was real with what could've been, imagining a world that raced ahead in technology.
    • Walkers and Tanks: The vehicles in Konflikt '47 take World War II designs and throw in sci-fi twists. You get mechanical walkers and tanks with energy weapons, shaking up the usual fight tactics.
    • Supernatural Forces: There's also a place for creatures and soldiers twisted by the game's mysterious energy. These units throw a whole new spin on strategy and look cool on the table.

Frequently Asked Questions about All Konflikt '47

Is Konflikt '47 the same thing as Bolt Action?

Yes and no. Konflikt '47 takes a lot from Bolt Action, meaning the stats and the activation dice ‚Äď Bolt Action's highlight ‚Äď stay consistent. Basically, the foundation of the games is similar, but Konflikt '47 introduces a range of unique units.

The key difference lies in the reactions mechanic. In Bolt Action, a unit that hasn't moved and gets attacked can either stand and take the hit or go down to become harder to hit. Konflict 47 expands on this idea by offering five reactions when a unit is under attack:

Go Down: The unit drops to the ground, making it harder to hit.
Stand and Shoot: The unit fires back during an assault.
Escape!: The unit runs away from the attackers.
Firefight: The unit shoots back at the one firing at them.
Run to Cover: The unit heads for the closest cover.

How do I get started with Bolt Action: Konflikt '47?

To start your Konflikt '47 journey, you'll need a Starter Set. Each set is tailored to a specific faction and includes an array of miniatures, a rulebook, dice, and more. These sets provide a great entry point, allowing you to expand and customize your force later with additional models and units.

How do the game mechanics work in Bolt Action: Konflikt '47?

Konflikt '47 shares many mechanics with Bolt Action, creating a smooth transition for players familiar with that system. The game uses a unique turn system where you draw dice from a bag to determine which player activates a unit, creating dynamic and unpredictable games. Additionally, new mechanics are introduced to accommodate the game's advanced technology and supernatural elements.

What are the factions available in Bolt Action: Konflikt '47?

Bolt Action: Konflikt '47 features several factions, each with its unique units, history, and playing styles that reflect the alternate reality of the game. Players can choose from major World War II factions such as the Allies (including the United States and Great Britain) and the Axis (including Germany and Japan), all of which are reimagined with advanced technology and supernatural forces.

Are there updates or expansions to Bolt Action: Konflikt '47?

Yes, there are expansions and updates for Konflikt '47, which introduce new factions, units, and narrative campaigns, continually expanding the game's possibilities. These expansions offer a refreshing mix of new miniatures, scenarios, and rules to keep the game engaging and exciting.

How accessible is Konflikt '47 for beginners to wargaming?

Bolt Action: Konflikt '47 wargame is designed to be accessible to beginners while offering depth for experienced players. The rulebook included in the starter sets provides a clear introduction to the game's mechanics and the alternate history setting. Additionally, you can find numerous online resources, tutorials, and community forums dedicated to guide you through your first games.

What do I need besides a starter set to play Konflikt '47?

Besides the starter set, it's helpful to have a playing surface. A table that's around 4x6 or 4x4 feet works great for most games. You can also bring in terrain pieces like buildings, trees, and ruins to make your battles more interesting. Plus, don't forget to buy some hobby tools and paint for putting together and customizing your miniatures.

What scale is Konflikt '47?

Konflict 47 uses 28mm scale models similar to other Warlord Games miniatures like Black Powder and Hail Caesar. These miniatures are in Heroic Scale which means they have slightly oversized heads, hands, and feet. Tanks and mechs in the game are at a 1/56 scale. The Konflict 47 vehicles use Bolt Action tank chassis but with added futuristic weapons and gear.

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