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A Song of Ice and Fire - Greyjoy: Ironborn Bowmen

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The Ironborn Bowmen Spread the Kraken’s Reach Far and Wide

House Greyjoy’s influence spreads like the tentacles of the kraken that adorns their banners. While most of their ranks consist of hit-and-run melee units, they know that a force lacking in ranged support is like a fish on a hook. As such, they recruit from their own Ironborn Reavers, teaching them the art of archery and turning them into the Ironborn Bowmen. These archers are equipped with moderate armor, and their previous melee training means they’re not helpless if enemies close in on their position.

The Ironborn Bowmen unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House Greyjoy players a ranged unit to support their other troops. They excel in dealing with enemies from the flanks, peppering them with arrows. As they lay waste to enemies, it’s their allies that benefit in more ways than one, able to pick up the spoils left behind from defeated foes.

PLAYING TIME: 45-60 mins

MIN-MAX PLAYERS: 2+ players

SUGGESTED AGE: 14+ years old