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Anglo-Scots Border Horse STL

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These are DIGITAL files meant for 3D printing. They ARE NOT physical miniatures!

Sculpted by the incomparable Erramir Orlan of Peculiar Companions, these Anglo-Scots Border Horse are intended for armies from the 15th and 16th Centuries. This set of 3D models comes in five variations of 3 poses. All models come as both pre-supported and unsupported STL files.

Lightly armed and armored, riding unarmored horses, these miniatures are an excellent representation of 15th and 16th century light cavalry. Whether known as Scourers, Pickers or the infamous Border Reivers, these soldiers were rarely seen in a pitched battle, but were nonetheless in their element raiding and harassing enemy settlements and garrisons. Usually mounted on smaller, sturdy ponies, hobelars or “hobby” horses, they could serve as scouts, couriers, foragers and skirmishers. During the Wars of the Roses they may also have served as mounted infantry or crossbowmen, though they would have dismounted to fight.

The armor and dress of these miniatures is best suited for depictions of Border Horsemen and Light Cavalry of the period spanning the Wars of the Roses up through the heyday of the Border Reivers (late 16th through early 17th Centuries). Border Reivers were both English and Scottish horsemen living on the shared border of those kingdoms who raided the area on either side, irrespective of nationality. Light Horsemen such as these would have served in the armies of the houses of Stuart and Tudor in their indecisive wars of this period, as well.

Printing at 100% resolution will yield a true 28mm miniature. Prints at 105% are slightly more in scale with Perry Miniatures and 110% prints will be in a compatible scale with Warhammer Fantasy miniatures.