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Anglo-Scots Gallowglass STL

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These are DIGITAL files meant for 3D printing. They ARE NOT physical miniatures!

Sculpted by the incomparable Erramir Orlan of Peculiar Companions, these Anglo-Scots Gallowglass are intended for armies from the 15th and 16th Centuries. This set of 3D models comes in six variations of 3 poses. All models come as both pre-supported and unsupported STL files.

Originally a term applied to the Norse-Gaelic clans of Scotland, Gallowglass came to encompass the Norse-Gaelic clans of Ireland as well, with whom the Scots shared a common language and culture. The Norse clans that intermarried with the Western Scots and Northern Irish continued their military tradition of heavily armored, trained and disciplined infantry. From the 13th Century through the late 16th Century Gallowglasses gained a reputation as elite mercenaries.

A Gallowglass was usually armed with a two handed weapon of one kind or another. In the 13th century one author noted their use of Norse-style axes, while later they were described as using a broadsword or Claymore. A Gallowglass traditionally wore an iron helmet and a mail shirt over a padded jacket.

Suitable for conflicts taking place in the 15th and 16th centuries, these miniatures could find themselves in a large number of armies. As highly respected and sought after mercenaries, Gallowglasses served not only in Ireland and Scotland, but also on the European mainland. Gallowglasses are known to have served in French, Dutch, Swiss and Swedish armies during this period.

Printing at 100% resolution will yield a true 28mm miniature. Prints at 105% are slightly more in scale with Perry Miniatures and 110% prints will be in a compatible scale with Warhammer Fantasy miniatures.