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Anglo-Scots Longbowmen STL

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These are DIGITAL files meant for 3D printing. They ARE NOT physical miniatures!

Sculpted by the incomparable Erramir Orlan of Peculiar Companions, these Anglo-Scots Longbowmen are intended for armies from the 15th and 16th Centuries. This set of six 3D models comes in six variations of 3 poses. All models come as both pre-supported and unsupported STL files.

The longbow, a potent weapon famed for its range and lethal impact, was a mainstay on both the English and Scottish sides during their numerous conflicts. The longbowman played pivotal roles in shaping the outcomes of battles, with the Battle of Flodden (1513) being a testament to their strategic importance. Their presence on the battlefield and their devastating volleys have cemented their place in history.

The longbow's primary advantage lay in its ability to release a rapid succession of arrows, which could pierce even plate armor at certain ranges. Often deployed in formations, longbowmen would rain arrows upon the enemy before the main lines clashed, disrupting formations and sowing chaos. Their extensive training allowed them to shoot with accuracy, making them especially deadly against cavalry and infantry units alike.

These bowmen played significant roles not only in the Anglo-Scottish wars but were also instrumental during the Wars of the Roses. Their influence was felt beyond the British Isles, as the English longbowmen were even sought after in various continental European conflicts.

Printing at 100% resolution will yield a true 28mm miniature. Prints at 105% are slightly more in scale with Perry Miniatures and 110% prints will be in a compatible scale with Warhammer Fantasy miniatures.