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Apoxie Air Dry Clay - 2 Part Epoxy Clay - 1 Lb, Natural

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Aves Apoxie Air Dry Clay: The Original Epoxy Waterproof Clay trusted by professionals for over 35 years!

Strong adhesive power of epoxy combined with the smooth, workable pliability of waterproof modeling clay in this 1-pound two-part epoxy craft clay our self-hardening seal air dry clay requires NO baking, but it can take heat from 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

It adheres to wood, porcelain, ceramic, metals, stone, glass, cement, tile, masonry, foam, fiberglass, most plastics, other epoxies, vinyl kits, and more. Let your imagination run wild!

0% Shrinkage, 0% Cracking The Aves Apoxie self-drying sealing air dry clay can be seamlessly feathered before setup, and sanded, tapped, drilled, lathed, carved, or otherwise tooled after setup without chipping, cracking or flaking. Simple water cleanup or use Aves Safety Solvent (sold separately).

Superior for various clay craft projects Aves white modeling waterproof air dry clay offers enhanced detail properties with its smooth and flexible consistency that makes it easy to knead and shape. It features the right plasticity, accuracy, and handling that is great for modeling, assemblage art, stamping or impressions project and so much more. Acrylic paint can be also used to bring your projects to life and you can even start working on colorful air dry clay waterproof sculptures as a hobby!

TIPS: Wear disposable gloves to measure equal parts of A and B. Always retrieve parts A and B with different tools.

* Mix and knead together for 2 minutes until thoroughly combined and a uniform color is achieved. Incomplete mixing will give poor results. Allow mixed product to rest 5 minutes for better handling.

* Smooth or texture with a wet finger, brush, Q-tip or sculpting tool. Self-hardens; 24 hour full cure.

* If it is too sticky to work with at first, allow the product to sit/rest for 20 minutes. As time passes, the product will be less sticky and more formable for detail.

*To keep the product from sticking to your hands, try rubbing a bit of extra virgin olive oil on your fingertips.

* Always wear a mask and protective eyeglasses when sanding.