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Battle of the Bulge Campaign Book

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This book is an expansion to Bolt Action, the 28mm scale tabletop wargame set during World War II. Whilst there is historical detail within the narrative, this volume is not a history book – it is first and foremost a wargaming supplement. The team who put this book together took feedback from reviews of previous supplements and opinions from the Bolt Action community ( forum).

With this information to hand, the intention was to provide a good mixture of scenarios, new units and new rules whilst still giving some historical background for context. Some previously published rules and units have also been included – this is to save players the expense of buying additional books for content which is vital to this volume, but might form only a small part of other books.

The Ardennes Offensive of December 1944, the battles that led up to it and continued from it are one of the most complex series of engagements in the European Theatre of Operations. Many excellent historical books have already been written which delve deep into the detail of this fascinating campaign – given the focus of this book, it has only been possible to provide a superficial, ‘broad brush’ overview of the campaign.