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Warlord Games

Warlord Games - Battlefields & Basing: Dead 2mm Static Grass (180ml)

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  • ENHANCE YOUR MINIATURE GAMING: Wargames Delivered dead static grass 2mm adds depth and realism, perfect for creating eerie undergrowth bases, immersive gaming experiences and allowing you to create hauntingly realistic scenes and dioramas.
  • CREATE CHILLING TABLETOPS: Static Grass features grass textures for creating eerie undergrowth, perfect for horror-themed gaming setups delivering sinister realism and immersive landscapes.
  • REVOLUTIONIZING THE HOBBY: Basing Miniatures traces its history back to a visionary team of enthusiasts determined to revolutionize the miniature gaming hobby with their commitment to providing high-quality and realistic terrain solutions.
  • FORGING A LEGACY OF REALISM: Wargames Delivered - Dead 2mm Static Grass carries a storied history of delivering unparalleled realism to the miniature gaming community, empowering hobbyists to bring their gaming worlds to life with hauntingly lifelike terrain and bases.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Elevate your gaming experience effortlessly with Wargames Delivered Battlefield's grass flocking Terrain Basing. Designed for convenience, grass set is easy to apply, requiring minimal effort and no complex procedures or specialized skills. Spend less time on preparation and more time on enjoying your gaming sessions.
  • PACK CONTAINS: Inside the pack, you will find a generous amount of dead grass pieces, carefully crafted to replicate the appearance of withered and lifeless vegetation. These elements add a touch of realism to your terrain, particularly for recreating barren or desolate landscapes, post-apocalyptic settings, or scenes of destruction.
  • DEDICATED TO YOUR SATISFACTION: Experience exceptional customer service with Wargames Delivered. We're committed to providing prompt assistance, addressing your inquiries, and ensuring your complete satisfaction throughout your gaming journey.