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Wargames Delivered

Wargames Delivered - Belgian Army Support Group Includes 28mm Miniatures, 10 Infantry, Medium Machine Gun, 81mm Mortar, Digital Bundle - WW2 Action Figures Plastic Model Kits by Warlord Games

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Scale: 28mm - 1/56th
10 Infantry

Requires Assembly
This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.
The initial Belgian defence proved the mettle of the Belgian Army, but they struggled to match the evolving tactics of the ever encroaching Wehrmacht in the early stages of the war. Led by well educated and dependable officers, with proven support weapons in the form of Maxim medium machine gun and 81mm Mortar, the Belgian Army have all the important tools to attempt to hold the line. This box set is an ideal expansion to your Bolt Action Belgian Army.


2 officers
1 Medic
1 Forward Observer
1 medium mortar team
1 MMG Team

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted