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Black Powder A Clash of Eagles

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Clash of Eagles – The Second Polish War, Russia 1812 is, as the title suggests, a campaign supplement that focuses on Napoleon Bonaparte’s disastrous campaign in Russia during which the greatest army the world had ever seen was destroyed in just five months.

This supplement covers a key campaign of the Napoleonic period; one which arguably led to the downfall of Napoleon himself. Using this supplement alongside the Black Powder core rules, you can re-create epic moments of the 1812 campaign: the battles of Smolensk and Borodino, the numerous smaller affairs involving Napoleon’s allies and the long, protracted retreat from Russia culminating in the crossing of the Berezina, all of which left the Grand Armée reduced to a shadow of its former self.

If your collection of model figures focuses on the Russian campaign of 1812, or you have always wanted to wargame the 1812 campaign or the later Napoleonic Wars, then you will find this supplement to your liking. You will discover how Napoleonic armies fought differently from preceding Black Powder armies; including background detail focusing on the campaign, the numerous nations that took part in the campaign, as well as their armies and statistics on over a hundred different troop types.

You will find information on how to reflect Napoleonic battles using the Black Powder rules as well as a few new rules that are pretty standard amongst wargames communities across the globe. Running alongside this you will encounter numerous national characteristics for France, Russia, Austria and Prussia to name a few, characteristics that will give your gaming experience more of a Napoleonic feel.

This supplement has been written to assist you, the gamer, to recreate the fantastic period of warfare that is the Napoleonic wars; every section has information, guidance and rules to help you do that. Finally, for those of you who are points-minded, the supplement provides army lists for each of the many nations that took part in this momentous campaign.

So, without further ado, in Napoleon’s words:

“Soldiers! The Second Polish War has begun!”