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Blood Red Skies - Imperial Japan Bundle

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A Wargames Delivered Exclusive Bundle containing everything you need to paint your Imperial Japan. 

- The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was a fast, modern fighter, but had no armour for the pilot. When the Zero was in the hands of aggressive and well-trained pilots this weakness was rarely apparent. The A6-M5 model Zero featured improved engine, armament and protection, although the latter remained inadequate compared to other combat aircraft.

The Japanese A6MX 'Zero-Sen' Squadron set contains:

  • 6 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero Fighters
  • 6 Advantage flying bases
  • 1 Aircraft card
  • 6 Aircraft Trait Cards
  • 6 Double-sided Pilot Skill Discs
  • 1 Aircraft Markings Sticker Sheet
  • 3 Action cards

- The A6M remains the most famous of all Japanese World War Two warplanes, significant for being the first carrier-borne fighter in the world to be seen as equal to its land-based counterpart. The lack of an adequate successor as technologies moved on meant that the aircraft was developed and produced in vast numbers long after its effective limits had been achieved and surpassed by superior Allied aircraft.

Box Contents:

  • 6 x Warlord Resin A6M2 Zero aircraft
  • 6 x Advantage Flying Bases
  • 1 x Punchboard with Game Tokens
  • 1 x Aircraft Cards (A6M2 Zero)
  • 6 x Trait Cards (3 x No Stalling, 3 x Deep Pockets)
  • 1 x Doctrine Card (Seasoned Pilots)
  • 1 x Waterslide Aircraft Markings Sheet

- The sleek J2M Raiden (Thunderbolt) was designed as a bomber interceptor. It proved a dangerous opponent, but it struggled to reach the high-flying B29 Super Fortresses that were its intended prey.

After a year correcting serious engine problems, the sleek Mitsubishi J2M Raiden (“Thunderbolt”) known by the Allied forces as “Jack”, finally arrived in front line squadrons February 1944. Primarily designed to defend against the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, its poor engine performance continued to dog pilots in this pursuit. Despite this, the aircraft was still an intimidating foe when Japanese pilots would use its four-cannon armament and dive and zoom tactics to great effect.

Box Contents:

  • 6 x Warlord Resin Mitsubishi J2M Raiden aircraft
  • 6 x Advantage Flying Base
  • 1 x Punchboard with Game Tokens
  • 1 x Aircraft Card (Mitsubishi J2M Raiden)
  • 1 x Doctrine Card (Head-on Attack)
  • 6 x Aircraft Trait Card (3 x Heavy Hitter, 3 x Great Climb)
  • 1 x Negative Trait Card (Poor Quality)
  • 1 x Waterslide Aircraft Markings Sheet

- The Kawanishi N1K-2 ‘Shiden Kai’ (“Violet Lightning”) was an Imperial Japanese Navy Air Force (IJNAF) land-based fighter. Known by the Allied forces as “George”, the N1K-2 was considered to be one of the finest land-based fighters flown by the Japanese. Initial defects were addressed in the N1K2-J Kai (‘modified’) version. However, it struggled as an effective bomber interceptor.

Along with high speed, the Shiden-Kai offered pilots a rugged and agile aircraft packing four powerful 20 mm cannons in the wings. The result was an aircraft more than able to compete on level terms with the latest Allied fighters, such as the F6F Hellcat, F4U Corsair, and P-51 Mustang.

Supplied in limited quantities, the IJN distributed it to elite units such as the 343rd Kōkūtai Naval Fighter Group (created on the 25 December 1944 and commanded by Minoru Genda). The new 343rd Kōkūtai claimed Japan’s finest fighter pilots such as Muto and Genda.

Box Contents:

  • 6 x Warlord Resin Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai aircraft
  • 6 x Advantage Flying Base
  • 1 x Punchboard with Game Tokens
  • 1 x Aircraft Card (Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai)
  • 1 x Doctrine Card (Aggressive Tactics)
  • 6 x Aircraft Trait Card (3 x Tight Turn, 3 x Heavy Hitter)
  • 1 x Negative Aircraft Trait Card (Poor Quality)
  • 1 x Waterslide Aircraft Markings Sheet

The D3A ‘Val’ was a dive bomber and the B5N ‘Kate’ was a torpedo bomber. Coordinated strikes from these two aircraft redefined the future of naval aviation and sounded the death knell of the battleship. The Aichi Dive bombers would ideally cripple the anti-aircraft ability of their target to facilitate the approach of the much slower torpedo bombers. They are best remembered for their involvement on the attack on Pearl Harbor.

A naval dive bomber with many similarities to the German Ju 87 Stuka, the Val was armed with two fixed forward machineguns and two rear trainable ones. It carried a crew of two and a light bomb load. Used in the anti-shipping dive-bomber mode, the Val was a mainstay of the Japanese carrier-based war effort.


  • 3 x Warlord Resin Aichi D3A ‘Val’ aircraft
  • 3 x Warlord Resin Nakajima B5N ‘Kate’ aircraft
  • 6 x Advantage Flying Bases
  • 1 x Punchboard with Game Tokens
  • 2 x Aircraft Cards (D3A ‘Val’, B5N ‘Kate’)
  • 1 x Doctrine Seasoned Pilots mini card
  • 2 x Aircraft Trait Cards (1 x Vulnerable, 1 x Laden)
  • 1 x Waterslide Aircraft Markings Sheet