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Warlord Games

Blood Red Skies: Reggiane Re.2002 Ariete Squadron

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The Reggiane Re.2002 Ariete (Ram) could carry a respectable payload and saw service as a fighter-bomber during the Sicily landings. After the armistice, surviving Arietes were flown by both the Italian Co-Belligerent Air Force for the Allies and by the Germans. Reggiane couldn’t meet demand, only managing to supply 225 Ariete aircraft.


  • 6 x Warlord Resin Reggiane Re.2002 Ariete aircraft
  • 6 x Advantage Flying Bases
  • 1 x Punchboard with Game Tokens
  • 1 x Aircraft Card (Reggiane Re.2002 Ariete)
  • 1 x Equipment Card (Bomb Shackles)
  • 1 x Doctrine Card (Low Altitude Performance)
  • 6 x Aircraft Trait Cards (3 x Rapid Roll, 3 x Robust)
  • 1 x Waterslide Aircraft Markings Sheet