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Bolt Action - More Allies: Armies of France and the Allies

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This book is a supplement for the Bolt Action World War II tabletop wargame. It contains all the background, rules and army list information need to field a French, Belgian, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Greek or Partisan army in the Bolt Action game. Inside you’ll find details of the organisation and equipment used by these diverse forces during their battle against the German and other Axis armies.

The book is divided into separate sections, each dealing with a separate army, and each with its own Army List. This provides all the information needed to field that army in your games. All the major weapons, guns and – where appropriate – vehicles are covered, together with a selection of troop types of varying quality.

Alongside each list is at least one Theatre Selector, which gives the forces available for a particular campaign, theatre or phase of the war. In the case of a few of the armies covered by this book the theatres are somewhat limited compared to those available for major combatants such as the British and Germans. This reflects the historical battles fought by these armies as well as the requirement to cover a number of armies all in one book.

Some weapons are common to more than one army covered by this book, and rather than repeat an entry needlessly we instead reference the earliest entry. For example, the French FT tank was used by several nations covered by this list. In the case of the Partisan list, we allow a force to include vehicles captured from the Germans or Italians, and players who wish to take advantage of this will need a copy of the relevant Bolt Action supplements.

Where possible we have tried to provide rules for tanks and armoured cars that were available, even if only very few were present and their use either extremely limited or disputed. However, in the case of some forces – and in particular the partisans and KNIL Dutch – it is impossible to be definitive and we have instead aimed to provide a representative selection.

Our aim has been to try and create playable armies that can hold their own against their historical opponents and which can be used to play games of a more general nature, taking on different armies from different campaigns or time periods should the players wish to do so. In some cases, in particular the Norwegians and early Partisans, this is quite a challenge! In reality, some of the armies covered by this book were token and scratch forces that could not hope to overcome the large and well-equipped German Army. On a tactical level – the kind of level represented by our games – things were more equal. Often, desperate and innovative defenders were able to defeat the opposition – if only for a while. Nevertheless it would be optimistic to imagine an early war Partisan force could hope to take on a latewar German field force with heavy tanks, or that Norwegians with their limited arsenal could confront a late-war Russian heavy tank head-on.