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Bolt Action - Soviet Union: Armies of the Soviet Union

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This book is a supplement for the Bolt Action World War II tabletop wargame. It contains all the background, rules and Army List information needed to field a Soviet Army in the Bolt Action game. Inside you’ll find details of organisation and equipment covering the Soviet Union’s Red Army forces from the beginning of what came to be called the Great Patriotic War (22 June 1941, the opening day of operation Barbarossa) to the end of the war in Europe (7 May 1945, the surrender of Germany).

As you will see, the main Army List includes all the necessary gaming details for all the troop types, vehicles and equipment fielded by the Soviets in World War II. Alongside this main list you will find 18 specific Theatre Selectors. These indicate which kinds of troops, weapons and vehicles are available during different phases of the war and in different theatres on the Eastern Front. While the Soviet Union had the largest army in the world at the beginning of the German-led invasion, it proved no match for the elite Panzer divisions that had brought Europe to its knees. Four years of bitter fighting, unthinkable hardship and incalculable determination enabled the Soviet Union to eventually emerge victorious over Nazi Germany.

To avoid a lot of pointless repetition, the main Army List includes all the rules needed for each kind of unit as well as all the options potentially available to it. The Theatre Selectors narrow this information down as appropriate to that specific campaign or phase of the war. The Theatre Selectors indicate the predominant kinds of troops and equipment available during a campaign or at a certain time, but exceptions are perfectly allowable so long as both players agree.