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The Army Painter

Bolt Action - British 8th Army (Desert Rats) Paint Set Bundle

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A Wargames Delivered Exclusive Bundle containing everything you need to start painting your Bolt Action British 8th Army, The Desert Rats!


    - The Warpaints range of high pigment colours can be used for miniatures from any period, any size and any system. Get your army painted fast using the Army Painter System and get more time for gaming!

    • Loads of heavy pigment for an excellent coverage and consistency.
    • Warpaints are a 100% match to the Colour Prime of the same name.
    • Get the exact amount you need with the ergonomically designed dropper bottle.
    • Non-toxic and eco-friendly.

    - The Metallic Warpaints are of unsurpassed quality and with very fine flakes they will cover the first time they are applied. The Metallics available in the Warpaints range  are based on the same Medium. They will blend together easily if needed. 

    - These Quickshade Washes are ideal for adding extra shading, touching up mistakes and for washing the whole of the model.

    • Ready to apply right from the bottle.
    • Smart dropper bottles - Avoid leaks and messy drips.
    • Shading effect and colour toning in one wash.