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Warlord Games

Bolt Action: Campaign The Western Desert

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This campaign, like many others, saw examples of cruelty and inhumanity perpetrated by both sides, but they were relatively rare and the war in the Western Desert has often been referred to as the ‘War without Hate’. Perhaps the biggest reason for this was that the soldiers of Germany, Italy, and the British Commonwealth faced a much greater common enemy – the harsh unforgiving terrain and climate of the Western Desert.

This book is split up into sections covering the entire campaign and within you will find a selection of historical scenarios, new Theatre Selectors, new units, and special rules to allow you and your opponents to play challenging and interesting games of Bolt Action in this unique theatre. We include an entirely new army list for the Free French who fought so bravely at Bir Hakeim as well as optional rules for a more aggressive Italian Army in the style of the Ariete and Trieste Divisions that fought so well as an element of Panzerarmee Afrika.

As the Western Desert terrain lent itself to the wide scale usage of armoured, mechanised, and motorised troops we shall be providing plenty of additional material that can be used to enhance your games of Tank War and allow you to fight out some of the huge tank duels that so dominated battles in the desert.

We shall also be providing information on the special forces units that preyed on the enemy’s vulnerable supply lines and raided airfields and other vital installations. In addition to a Long Range Desert Group army list, you will also find lists for the Special Air Service and Axis special forces including the Italian Auto Sahariana.