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Bolt Action - Great Britain: British & Canadian Army infantry (1943-45)

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Bolt Action - Great Britain: British & Canadian Army Infantry (1943-45): A Comprehensive Review


For those passionate about historical wargaming, the Bolt Action - Great Britain: British & Canadian Army Infantry (1943-45) set is a must-have. This set offers a detailed and historically accurate representation of the British and Canadian forces during World War II. This blog post will provide an in-depth review of this product, offering insights into its features, painting tips, and strategies for using these miniatures in your wargames.

Historical Context

The British & Canadian Army Infantry (1943-45) set represents the brave soldiers who fought in the later stages of World War II. These forces played a crucial role in several key battles, including the D-Day landings and the subsequent push into Germany. Understanding this historical context can enhance your wargaming experience and provide a deeper appreciation for these miniatures.

Product Features

The Bolt Action British & Canadian Army Infantry set is known for its high-quality miniatures. Each figure is meticulously designed to reflect the uniforms, weapons, and equipment used by these forces during 1943-45. The set includes a variety of infantry units, allowing for diverse and strategic gameplay.

Painting Guide

Painting these miniatures can be a rewarding experience. The level of detail allows for a high degree of customization, letting you bring these figures to life. For beginners, there are numerous online tutorials and guides that can help you get started with painting Bolt Action miniatures.

Gameplay and Strategies

In Bolt Action games, the British & Canadian Army Infantry can provide a solid backbone for your forces. Their versatility makes them effective in a variety of scenarios. Whether you're planning an aggressive push or a defensive strategy, these infantry units can play a key role.


The Bolt Action - Great Britain: British & Canadian Army Infantry (1943-45) set is a fantastic addition to any historical wargaming collection. Its high-quality miniatures, historical accuracy, and gameplay versatility make it a standout choice. Whether you're a seasoned wargamer or a beginner, this set offers a great way to engage with World War II history.


  • 30 Plastic Infantry
  • Plastic Bases
  • Assembly Guide
  • Full Colour Waterslide Decal Sheets for both British & Canadian Troops