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Bolt Action - Italy: Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams

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Armed for Battle: The Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams in Bolt Action


Greetings, wargamers! Today, we're diving back into the Italian front of Bolt Action, focusing on a unit that brings firepower and versatility to your army - the Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams. Whether you're a seasoned commander or a novice to the tabletop, these teams are an exciting addition to any Italian force.

The Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams: A Brief Overview

The Bersaglieri Weapons Teams are a key component of the Italian Army in Bolt Action, providing the heavy firepower your troops need to hold the line or break through enemy defenses. This set includes a variety of teams, each one ready to bring their unique skills to your games.

What's in the Box?

The Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams box set includes a range of miniatures, each one a detailed representation of a Bersaglieri weapons team. From machine gun teams to anti-tank crews, these miniatures are ready to provide the firepower your army needs.

Box contains:

  • Six Warlord Resin™ Figures
  • Plastic Bases
  • Three Order Dice

Gameplay: Tactics and Strategies

The Bersaglieri Weapons Teams offer a range of tactical options, allowing you to adapt your strategy to the situation at hand. Whether you're laying down suppressive fire with your machine gun teams, taking out enemy armor with your anti-tank crews, or providing indirect fire with your mortar teams, the Bersaglieri Weapons Teams have you covered.


Whether you're a fan of Italian history, a lover of beautifully crafted miniatures, or a strategic thinker looking for a new challenge, the Italian Bersaglieri Weapons Teams for Bolt Action is a fantastic choice. They offer a unique blend of historical authenticity and strategic gameplay, making them a joy to play and a stunning addition to any wargaming collection. So why wait? Add some Italian firepower to your army today, and let your journey into the world of Bolt Action begin!

These figures are cast in our new and improved Warlord Resin Plus™. For more information on this material click here