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Bolt Action Miniatures - Warlord Games Semper Fidelis US Marines Starter Set

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Bolt Action Miniatures - Warlord Games Semper Fidelis US Marines Starter Set
  • YOUR ENTRY POINT TO WW2 WARGAMES: A complete starter set that includes 7 USMC sprues, 2 US weapon sprues, 1 M3A1 plastic half-track, metal Corpsman (medic), metal Flamethrower team, metal medium Mortar team, metal 37mm light anti-tank gun, 2 Metal 30 Cal teams and USMC leaflet.
  • HIGH LEVEL OF INTERIOR DETAIL: Exquisitely designed and highly detailed, these Bolt Action 28mm miniatures and ww2 action figures will add realism to your table top war games.
  • BUILD YOUR US ARMY TO RECREATE EPIC BATTLES: There are few fighting forces that can rival the fearsome reputation of the United States Marine Corps. Indeed they can trace their ancestry back to the Revolutionary War in the 18th Century, serving all over the globe up to the present day.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE COMPONENTS: These US Army ww2 figures, military miniatures and tank models are easy to build. Constructing and painting the plastic model kits from scratch, and seeing them slowly come to life are just as much fun as playing the game itself.
  • DIGITAL VERSION ONLY OF THE US ARMY GUIDE - Experience deep game play with your PDF softcopy version of The Armies of the United States- a supplement for Bolt Action Miniatures that provides all the information you need to field your US army!

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