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Bolt Action - Tank War

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This book is all about armoured formations in the Bolt Action game. As Bolt Action players will know, the rulebook envisages that players who wish to do so will adapt historical formations to represent forces that are as realistic, or representative, as they want. However, the standard selectors given in the Bolt Action game allow you to field only a limited number of vehicles in an army. This is because the standard game is built around the infantry platoon as its basic element, with other troops taking supporting roles. Even when including as many vehicles as possible in the standard game, the tanks and armoured cars are likely to be outnumbered by infantry squads. Not so in Tank War. Tank War is built around armoured formations and makes provision for entire armies of tanks as well as fully mechanized units such as Panzer Grenadiers. The rules in this book enable you to field forces based upon these most powerful of fighting formations, and to field them either against each other or against forces chosen using the selectors from the main Bolt Action rule book or ‘Armies of’ series supplements.