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Bolt Action - Tank War: Soviet KV1/2 Heavy Tank + Digital Guide: Tank War

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The Mighty Soviet KV1/2 Heavy Tank: A Historical Wargamer's Guide


The world of tabletop wargaming is vast and diverse, with countless scenarios and battles to recreate. Among the many units available in the Bolt Action series, the Soviet KV1/2 Heavy Tank stands out as a symbol of Soviet engineering and resilience. In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the history, tactics, and significance of this iconic tank, offering insights and tips for wargamers looking to add this behemoth to their collection.

The Historical Role of Soviet KV1/2 Tank in Battles

The KV1/2 Heavy Tank was a testament to Soviet engineering during WWII. Designed to withstand heavy fire and deliver devastating blows, it played a pivotal role in several key battles. Its thick armor made it nearly impervious to most anti-tank weapons of the time, earning it a fearsome reputation on the battlefield.

Bolt Action KV1/2 Tank Review: Why It's a Must-Have for Wargamers

For wargamers, the KV1/2 offers a blend of historical accuracy and tabletop functionality. Its detailed miniature design captures the essence of the original tank, making it a centerpiece in any Bolt Action game. Beyond aesthetics, its in-game capabilities reflect its historical strengths, making it a formidable unit in any scenario.

Painting Tips for Soviet KV1/2 Heavy Tank

A well-painted miniature can be the pride of any wargamer's collection. For the KV1/2:

  1. Base Coat: Start with a dark green base coat, typical of Soviet military vehicles.
  2. Details: Highlight the tank tracks with a metallic silver or gunmetal gray.
  3. Weathering: Lightly dry brush with brown and rust colors to give it a battle-worn look.
  4. Decals: Add Soviet insignias and numbers to give it an authentic touch.

Bolt Action Tank War KV1/2 Tactics

In Bolt Action games, the KV1/2 shines as a frontline tank, capable of absorbing heavy fire and dishing out damage. Here are some tactics:

  • Frontline Brawler: Use the KV1/2 to lead assaults, drawing fire away from more vulnerable units.
  • Support Role: Its heavy guns can provide support to infantry, breaking through enemy lines.
  • Defensive Stalwart: Place it on key objectives, where its formidable presence can deter enemy advances.


The Soviet KV1/2 Heavy Tank is more than just a miniature; it's a piece of history, a testament to Soviet engineering, and a key player in any Bolt Action game. Whether you're a seasoned wargamer or new to the hobby, this tank offers both historical value and tactical depth. Dive into the world of WWII miniature wargaming with the KV1/2 and experience the thrill of historical battles on your tabletop.

The KV1/2 plastic box is absolutely crammed packed with the might of mother Russia:

  • Enough plastic components to create one tank body and both complete turret variants (KV-1 turret and KV-2 turret)!
  • A detailed construction booklet.
  • A set of full-colour waterslide decals to allow you to put the finishing touches on your tank.
  • A squad of 8 infantry that double-up as tank riders!
  • A blast, smoke and fire marker to allow that cinematic touch.
  • A stat card for either tank which holds all the information you need for your Bolt Action battles.